- I am filming and directing a documentary -



It isn't often when you feel called to drop everything, travel Europe for 9 months on no money, and create a documentary about the trip.  I feel incredibly lucky to be in a place in my life where I can take an opportunity like this and work my hardest to make it happen.

As I have grown out of my high school "I need" mentality I have come to the realization that we look to money for reassurance, comfort, status, and our friendships and relationships are used to fill the empty space in our schedules.  I FULLY admit that I have put money before even my best of friends and I was fully conscience of the decision .  Money has seemingly became more valuable than the invaluable: love.

Why do we hold our friendships, our relationships, SO much looser than our wallet?

Myself, Zach, and Matt are making this documentary with hopes to bring people on a journey with us as we unearth the true importance of love and relationships with the absence of money. We hope to truly spark a change in the world as we document our 9 month trip from Portugal to Israel on only the resources we work for and the people that we connect with. Ultimately, through this film, we want to highlight the fact that people in this day and age overvalue money and overlook that which is truly invaluable: connections and relationships with family, friends, and all peoples of the world.  The title of the film? Something More

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in the documentary please email: contactsidbeck@gmail.com

Watch out for fundraiser launch April 2nd, 2014